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tv   Newsday  BBC News  March 8, 2019 12:00am-12:31am GMT

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the challenges mustafa faces are no she's often sick. she needs her tonsils out i'm ben bland with bbc news. less daunting than when we first but her family can't met him, when he was five, afford the operation. our top story: president trump's former campaign but he's no less determined. her father can't work chairman paul manafort‘s jailed the syrian war has created many because his leg was shattered mustafas, children whose injuries by a sniper‘s bullet. for 47 months. and loss will stay with them it crushes him to see her suffer it's a considerably shorter spell for the rest of their lives. in prison than was expected this is newsday on bbc. after he was found guilty and not be able to help. of a number of fraud offences. the headlines: millions of syrian children can now his conviction stems only remember living as refugees, back in jordan, mustafa from the inquiry being conducted by robert mueller. a big moment in court britain says it will grant formal for paul manafort — many in makeshift camps president trump's former campaign diplomatic protection manager asks for mercy is saying his evening prayers. to nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, with no homes to return to. the british—iranian dual national at his sentencing for tax fraud. detained in iran. the foreign secretary says iran hasn't given her the medical and legal aid. ruah, who was born and this story is when the conflict began, trending on we're at the court house is also eight. a pretty cobbled street in paris has in virginia where he's expected since we first met her, life hasn't got any easier. to be given a lengthyjail term. become such a huge hit on instagram that residents of rue cremieux are calling on the city council britain escalates efforts to secure nazanin zaghari ratcliffe‘s release it's only recently that mustafa has to restrict access to users looking stopped screaming in his sleep, to take the perfect photo. from an iranian jail, a blogger says this illustrates how but his grandmother the search for the perfect giving the dual citizen picture could become a problem. still can't rest. diplomatic protection. i'm ben bland, in london. she lies awake, she says. terrified of what will happen to him when she is gone. also in the programme: caroline hawley, bbc news, amman. thailand's top court dissolves international women's day will be that's all. stay with bbc world news. an opposition party supported by the king's sister saying it threatens the neutrality celebrated around the world of the monarchy.
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and we speak to three chinese on friday, as people unite women about empowerement, to champion the advancement relationships and freedom as we mark of women's rights and gender equality. in china, 8 march has been a national holiday since 1949, and many companies offer female international women's day employees a half—day on international women's day. i want to be who i am not what the the bbc spoke to three women society wants me to be. about what it means to be a woman in modern china. live from our studios in singapore and london, this is bbc world news — it's newsday. i would rather do my own thing and enjoy my own life. i hope all chinese women can learn to enjoy the pleasures of sex. i have no interest in having a baby. the main good morning. it's 8 am in singapore, midnight in london, and 7pm in alexandria, virginia where president trump's former campaign chief is expected to be sentenced shortly. stereotype of girls in china is that paul manafort was convicted of financial fraud on charges you are ready to get married, and relating to his work as a political consultant in ukraine. second,it and that's not all. you are ready to get married, and second, it is kind of normal if you go to college, but don't go too far.
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like, if you ended up studying at ph.d., people will say you will be we are getting news that he has been an old version and nobody will marry you because you are too intelligent, sentenced for 47 months in prison, too knowledgeable. this is in luang considerably shorter than expectations, calling for as many as prabang in laos. and this is a 25 years. picture i took in north korea. a expectations, calling for as many as 25 yea rs. we expectations, calling for as many as 25 years. we are seeing the light female solo traveller in china, shot of the courthouse in virginia. especially for a lot of men, is not acceptable. some people would we are staying on the live shot. comment on my blog, saying, if a girl is travelling around the world there will be a flurry of activity. by herself she is just day human a lot of questions are being asked as to why it was only 47 months when sofa because everyone is sitting on they were expectations of as many as her. i want to be 2am, not what 25 years. this story has been wa nts her. i want to be 2am, not what wants me to be. my company is the getting a lot of a focus as we expect the sentencing and people first online sex resource for women make more sense of the sentencing as in china and we teach them how to well. what we know about paul enjoy their sexual relationships. china's sex education makes people ma nafort here think sex is vulgar. there is well. what we know about paul manafort is that he is a donald trump's for my chairman and he has
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barely any reliable sex information here for adults, and i want my been asking for mercy after being company to fill that void. the first convicted of financial crime which weren't covered during robert thing we teach is that women's bodies are their own. you should mueller‘s investigation. we were study it, use it and learn how to expecting the us districtjudge to pleasure yourself. some have said we impose the sentence on paul manafort have opened a new world for them, that we are like a beacon of light, giving women their competence. —— during the hearing in alexandria. we believe that has already come confidence. the situation in china through. we see on the wires that it is that your mother will say, you was 47 months and we are expecting a know, women must have children. such lot of interest in the length of the stereotypes are objectifying us to sentencing because, as i mentioned, be like machines. a woman's value there were expectations it could be should not lie in giving birth. it sentenced for as long as 25 years. paul manafort had asked the us isa should not lie in giving birth. it is a prime time for my career. i never want to have a baby, not now districtjudge for mercy. he thanked or in the future. i am considering him the conducting a fair trial. he having an endometrial ablation. it isa very did not express remorse but talked having an endometrial ablation. it is a very good way to avoid getting about how the case had been difficult to him and his family. he pregnant. i also have a future
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partner would avoid —— would also told the court that he had been consider a vasectomy. you have been watching newsday. see you soon. humiliated and ashamed and that would be a gross understatement. gary .au is our correspondent and his life at the scene. —— if you thought thursday was windy, get used to it. blustery weather on o'donoghue. a lot of questions about the way all the way through the weekend into next week. one settled the 47 months sentence. that is a too, went at times. a bit of a lull far shorter than expectations as we begin friday, frosty, but calling for as many as 25 years. sunny for many of us, clouding over with rain later. here is the satellite picture. this area of low yes, this will be quite a shock to a pressure has brought the windy weather, the wet weather in places on thursday. a bit of a gap between lot of people because, as you say, weather systems. we are in that gap the guidelines were talking about as friday begins, but it is a cold anything between 19 and 2a years. 93p- as friday begins, but it is a cold gap. you can see the blue showing up where temperatures will be at their lowest as friday starts. widespread thejudge was very anything between 19 and 2a years. the judge was very keen to point out that guidelines were only that. they frost around, scraping the ice off the car. misty in places. lots of are advisory and nothing more and he sunshine for most of us at the start overruled a lot of the objections of the day. already a bit of wet from the defence case in terms of weather into the western isles. we can see more cloud pushing across the uk during the morning and then
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cutting or being lenient in terms of further outbreaks of rain spreading the sentence. we have a sentence of from west to east as the day goes underfour years for on. increasingly light and patchy as the sentence. we have a sentence of under four years for these eight it does so. notjust rain, the hills cou nts under four years for these eight counts for which she has been convicted which involved foreign of scotland's north of the central bank accounts, failing to pay belt will see a bit of snow as well. millions of dollars in taxes and it will not be as windy thursday, defrauding two banks. he will get though it is still breezy out there. temperatures mostly around 7— ii four years. a lot of people will be degrees. a bit of snow for also into raising their eyebrows and looking shetland before that system begins carefully over whatjudge alice has to clear away, and as we go into to say in terms ofjustification. —— friday night, still shower is pushing into the north—west of the uk on that reads. wintry on the hills. not going to be as cold as ellis. what implications will all friday morning, by the time we are up friday morning, by the time we are up and about on saturday for the these have on the ongoing robert start of the weekend, but it is euler investigation? —— robert going to be unsettled one with low pressure close by all the time. the mueller. paul manafort will also atla ntic pressure close by all the time. the atlantic is in charge of the weather, fishing in disturbances occasionally. at the very least that face and other sentencing in the means we will be getting some showers. carried on strong to gale district of columbia in connection to another case the special counsel force wind, that will make it feel quite cold, even though temperatures will not too far from average. some brought against him, two charges of conspiracy. in the meantime he has wet weather at times, not just rain
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but snow, especially on hills, but been speaking to the special also some sunshine occasionally too. counsel, spent 15 hours speaking to the best of the sunshine will be him as part of his plea bargain. across the east and south—east of the country on saturday. shower was that breakdown because of the special counsel told the judge he already to the north—west will push further east during the day and it will be a windy day once again. we had been lying about his connections and his meetings, particularly with can expect gusts fairly widely around 40—50 miles an hour, which former russian members and military will make it feel colder than these temperatures might suggest. some of intelligence. we will see in deep what will happen when mr miller these showers might merge to give longer spells of wet weather at times. plenty of showers coming in robert mueller‘s report comes out. during sunday and there is a more wintry component is showers, so we he could face a ten year sentence could well see sleet or hail to next year. it will depend about lower levels out of these as well. whether that was concurrent or again, it is going to be windy. consequential. there in mind paul these average speeds, but gusts will be around 40—50 miles an hour once ma nafort consequential. there in mind paul manafort is 70 years old next month again. temperatures a little lower so on sunday, so it will feel even manafort is 70 years old next month so whatever happens, he will spend colder in that wind. that's your some of the latter twilight years of forecast. his life in prison. presumably there is some kind of protest outside the court. tell us of about what went on
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in the courtroom today? for the amount of time i was inside the courtroom, there were some legal arguments. paul manafort was in a wheelchair, dressed in a green outfits, he had the words alexandria in may printed on the jumpsuit. alexandria is part of thejimmie ward in the courthouse is situated. —— part of fiji near. his ——vg —— virginia. he said these have been the most difficult of his life. he appealed to the court for some form of compassion and i think there will bea of compassion and i think there will be a lot of people who will say
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that, after tonight, when thejudge agreed and gru nted that, after tonight, when thejudge agreed and grunted some of that compassion. the breaking news that paul manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in prison. let's take a look at some of the day's other news. british foreign secretary jeremy hunt has said the uk will provide "diplomatic protection" to nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranian mother held in iran, accused of spying. the move is unlikely to secure mrs zaghari—ratcliffe's immediate release, but it represents a formal recognition of her treatment by iran that london calls "unacceptable" and elevates it to a formal state—to—state issue. the bbc‘s diplomatic correspondent james landale says the move is extremely rare. essentially, what it means
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is that the british government has decided that the way nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is being treated by iran has not met its international obligations. she has not been given the right medical treatment, or due process in the law courts. and as a result, the british state has decided that it should give full protection to mrs zaghari—ratcliffe. now, what that means is that, instead of this being a consular issue, this is now a formal legal dispute between the british government and the iranian government. in practical terms, that does not mean that iran is now forced to do anything to treat her in a better injail, in tehran, where she is being held since 2016, but what it does mean is now the british government can raise her case more easily in internationalforums, like the united nations, because it is not a consular issue, as i say, it is a formal international dispute between two nations. so the british can look for more allies and try and put more pressure on iran. also making news today: in pakistan the man who led
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a campaign to expose one of the country's most notorious so—called "honour killings" has been shot dead in the city of abbottabad. afzal kohistani drew attention to the case in 2012 in which a group of women were allegedly killed after being filmed singing a wedding song while two men danced. the response to an ebola outbreak in the east of the democratic republic of congo is failing to bring the epidemic under control, according to the medical charity doctors without borders. the charity says this is partly due to what it calls a climate of deepening community mistrust. the canadian prime minister has tried to play down the damage a series of ministerial resignations has done to his government. justin trudeau said he'd made mistakes, after two people resigned from his cabinet over a corruption case. mr trudeau insists he acted within the law in his handling of the corruption scandal involving the firm snc—lavalin, but admits there was a lack of trust between his ministers. facebook says it will try to stop the spread of misinformation about vaccines on its network.
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it will remove misleading content and disable accounts that continue to violate facebook‘s policies on vaccine information. the company has faced pressure to tackle the problem. 0utbrea ks of measles in the united states and elsewhere were attributed to the growing numbers of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. japan is also fighting the worst measles outbreak in years. and at the international space station the inner hatch of the space x dragon vehicle was being closed by astronauts. it's so that on friday morning, america's first private space craft can return to earth, and that will mark the end of its test flight. it's been docked at the space station for the last 6 days as astronauts ran tests which could see it approved by nasa to carry people later this year.
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thailand's top court has dissolved an opposition party that nominated the king's sister as its candidate for prime minister. thai raksa chart is backed by exiled former prime misiter thaksin shinawatra, who was deposed by a military coup in 2006. the move comes just weeks before the country's general election. with me isjonathan head, in bangkok. what more are they saying about the reason behind this ban? the reason given by the presiding judge was that he concluded that the decision to nominate princess ubolratana decision to nominate princess ubolrata na mahidol, although decision to nominate princess ubolratana mahidol, although she put herself forward, that decision basically greased the officially neutral position of the monarchy. members of the royal family are not supposed to get involved in politics although princess ubolrata na supposed to get involved in politics although princess ubolratana mahidol
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renounced her title when she married and american back in the 1970s. the party was not allowed to submit her defence. this was a very rushed judgement by the normal standards of the constitutional court, raising the constitutional court, raising the ready existing suspicions. the king himself did come out on the same day that was nominated and clarified that in his view and a member of the family could get involved in politics. this party, thai raksa involved in politics. this party, thai ra ksa chart involved in politics. this party, thai raksa chart party, is backed by the former prime minister thaksin shinawatra. what will his supporters do? will they boycott? no, they have been waiting a long time for the elections. supporters believe strongly not to boycott because generally they do very well stop the troubled by them is that the military has a written constitution which puts handcuffs on their
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electoral powers and leaves and appointed senate which backs the military giving her charts for the general to continue in office. it also limits the number of seats the main pro— thaksin shinawatra can win. they limit the system and gather proportional vote seats in areas where they are not strong. it does damage thaksin shinawatra's strategy. he may be on course to win the majority of the house giving him a strong argument to form the government. there are others but they are not as well—known and it is not clear that at this late stage they can be brought into maximise they can be brought into maximise the thaksin shinawatra vote. at this stage with nearly 7 million new
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voters, it is hard to know how voters, it is hard to know how voters will vote in the first election for eight years and a lot of uncertainty about the outcome. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: we talked to children who have never known a syria at peace. also coming up, in parliament, relationships and freedom. what international women's day means to these three women in china. the numbers of dead and wounded defied belief. this the worst terrorist atrocity on european soil in modern times. in less than 2a hours then the soviet union lost an elderly sick leader and replaced him with a dynamic figure 20 years his junior.
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we heard these gunshots in the gym. then he came out through a fire exit and started firing at our huts. god, we were all petrified. james earl ray, aged 41, sentenced to 99 years and due for parole when he's 90, travelled from memphis jail to nashville state prison in an eight—car convoy. paul, what's it feel like to be married at last? it feels fine, thank you. what are you going to do now? is it going to change your life much do you think? i don't know really. i've never been married before. this is newsday on the bbc. thanks for staying with us. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. and i'm ben bland in london. our top
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stories: president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax fraud, a considerably shorter spell than expected. and the uk says it will grant formal diplomatic protection to nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british iranian dual national pertained in a run due to a lack of legal and medical aid. run due to a lack of legal and medicalaid. —— run due to a lack of legal and medical aid. —— detained run due to a lack of legal and medicalaid. —— detained in iran. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. the new york times looks at a superhero movie that's putting a women in the spotlight. the spacefaring comic book character captain marvel hits screens on friday. but the paper wonders why it took them so long to find a female lead. the south china morning post reports that chinese women earn a fifth less than men. apparently the average female worker earns 78.2% of the wages paid to a male employees. and the gap is widening, according to a recent study. and the japan times have brightened up their front page with something rather colourful. a work by the artist kunihiko nohara. it's among the pieces displayed
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at the annual tokyo art fair. so don't forget to check it out if you happen to be there. that brings you up—to—date with some of the papers. ben, what stories are sparking discussions online? yes, let's look at what is trending right now. a good moment to "paws" and appreciate some fine canines. dog videos are popular all year round, but particularly as the most perky pups take centre stage at crufts. the competition has just started for this year. from afghan hounds to yorkshire terriers, 22,000 dogs are competing for the prestigious title of best in show. not quite a lead story, but not a bad tail either.
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you are watching you stay on the bbc. -- you are watching you stay on the bbc. —— newsday. the war in syria, which has so far claimed about 500,000 lives, has been raging for eight years this month. among the victims are innocent children who've grown up knowing only conflict. we've been following two of them — children who are as old as the conflict itself. caroline hawley has been back to meet them. my name is mustafa. the eight—year—old and his little sister survived a barrel bomb. it destroyed their family home near aleppo, leaving only their grandmother to look after them. safe in the cupboard is mustafa's most precious possession. it's all he has left of his father, ibrahim, who died saving him. his mother was also killed, but he doesn't even have a photo to remember her. mustafa was so badly injured he spent a whole year in hospital. twice a week he still comes for physiotherapy. he is a strong boy.
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he's very strong. his left hand doesn't move properly because of a piece of shrapnel in his brain. his hips were badly broken and one leg is now longer than the other.
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